Applicants trained outside UAE wishing to apply for a Nursing licence from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) must have graduated from a nursing college or university recognised nationally and or internationally. A bachelor’s degree is mandatory and must have a minimum duration of three (3) years of full-time coursework.
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Ultimate Guide to DHA License In Dubai and DHA Exam: Requirements & Registration in Dubai

In this blog, we will discuss various queries by nursing professionals regarding the Dataflow application, verification, exam and licensing process for the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) nurses license.

I’m Jins George, a serial entrepreneur in the HR industry. Recruits healthcare professionals to the Gulf, UK, Ireland, and Australia from India, Ireland, UK & Smart Overseas Talent Pool. I am confident that you will be able to comprehend various aspects related to DHA license-attaining process, DataFlow registration, and processing in this explainer blog.

What is the DHA License Exam?

The Dubai Health Authority Exam for nurses and other medical professionals is the basic professional qualifying exam conducted by the Health Regulation Department (HRD) of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to get the DHA license.

What is DHA License?

In Dubai, to recognize the quality and professionalism of the medical sector, a mandatory license or authorization is issued by the results and verification of the exam conducted by the Health Authority for those looking to start a medical practice. This applies to citizens and expats wishing to work as medical professionals. The license must be obtained before commencing any services in the health industry.

Know About The DHA and the Importance of DHA License

To ensure the quality of medical professionals with a thorough check of knowledge, professional history, and experience along with the other professional qualification requirements dha prefers nurses and other medical professionals to pursue careers in Dubai. A valid DHA license in Dubai is mandatory for medical professionals to get employed in Dubai.

Who Should Get a DHA License in Dubai

All major medical professionals including Physicians, Dentists, Allied Healthcare employees, and Nurses/Midwives should possess a valid DHA license with the skills and qualifications to provide quality healthcare services to residents of Dubai.

Now let us discuss how to get a DHA license in Dubai step by step for your easy understanding along with a detailed summary of what data flow is for nurses. In this blog along with the major subjects of discussion, a basic outline of Dubai Health Authority exam requirements, DHA license processing time, DHA exam syllabus for nurses, DHA good standing certificate sample, DHA exam fees for nurses etc. will be provided.

By keeping their registration active, nursing professionals can easily secure their approved position without the need for reassessment, as long as they maintain an uninterrupted practice.

DHA dataflow nurses’ registration is a valuable confirmation that nursing professionals meet the qualifications for their desired position, including category, title, and specialty. The registration lasts one year, during which healthcare facilities can convert it into a license to enable the professionals to start clinical practice. 

Who Can Apply for the DHA Exam And License Application

Dubai healthcare nurse requirements are comparatively with a higher standard, hence the nursing college in Dubai trains their students with the DHA standards to meet the professional qualification requirements DHA expects. But for applicants trained outside the UAE, and looking forward to applying for a Nursing licence from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), must have graduated from a nursing college or university recognized nationally or internationally. A bachelor’s degree is mandatory and must have a minimum duration of three (3) years of full-time coursework.

Besides, to pass the DHA exam nurse license applicants must possess a valid license/registration to practice in their home country or country of employment. Nurses and midwives must hold a valid certification in Basic Life Support (BLS) or other relevant areas based on their scope of practice. The qualification must have been obtained within the past two (2) years or there should be no gap in practice since the last day of employment.

Additionally, applicants must provide a Good Standing Certificate that is valid and up-to-date. It is important to verify the authenticity of all necessary qualifications, experience, and license or registration documents through Primary Source Verification to ensure they meet the required standards.

Lastly, if the healthcare professional did not complete their university studies in English or if a non-English speaking country issues their license, they must provide any proof of English language proficiency as mentioned in the list below.

. TOEFL score of not less than 500 
. IELTS score of not less than 5.0 
. Occupational English Test (OET) of not less than C 
. Cambridge Assessment English score of not less than 169

The DHA License in Dubai and Exam Pattern For Healthcare Professionals

For those who are pursuing to know how to apply for DHA exam for nurses in Dubai, please follow these four steps to ensure a smooth and hassle-free nurse registration process. Always keep in mind that the DHA exam for nurses and other medical professionals is the mandatory Dubai Health Authority license required to work in the medical field. In the licensing process, the first step is to complete the Self-Assessment Tool to determine your eligibility. Second, create a Sheryan Account to access the necessary forms and information. Third, undergo the PSV and CBT Assessment, which includes the PSV via DataFlow and the CBT Assessment via Prometric Test. Finally, register with DHA Dataflow for your desired program and take the first step toward achieving your goals. We are here to support you every step of the way. You can opt for Live Chat with our expert if you have any doubts. 

Step 1: Self-Assessment Tool to Check Your Eligibility for DHA Exam Registration

Based on the information you provide, the self-assessment tool will indicate whether you’re eligible to join the Dubai Medical Registry. If you’re eligible, you can proceed to the next step. If not, you have to opt for the option to request a Manual Review of your profile.

The first step to applying for a DHA license exam is to complete a self-assessment tool. Follow these steps to get started:

1. Visit the Sheryan self-assessment portal on the DHA dataflow website.
2. Answer the self-assessment questions.
3. Login or create a DHA dataflow account to receive your results.

The self-assessment tool will evaluate your eligibility to join the Dubai Medical Registry based on the information you provide. If you’re eligible as per the exam results, you can proceed to the next step. The maximum number of attempts for the assessment is threetimes across the authorities.

Manual Review of profile for DHA exam assessment tool

If you’re not eligible, you can choose the option to request a manual review of your profile with the steps below.

1. Submit an online application along with the required details and documents as instructed in the portal.
2. Pay and proceed with a review fee of AED 200.
3. Await for the DHA review results, which may take up to 10 working days normally.

Step 2: Create a Sheryan Account to Start the Process

To initiate the DHA dataflow licensing process, you are required to create a personal ID on the DHA Sheryan portal. Follow the steps below to create your account.

  1. Go to the DHA “Single Sign On” portal.
  2. Click on “Register New Account”.
  3. Fill in all the necessary information.
  4. Click on “Register”.
  5. You will receive your account authentication details via email.

Step 3: Primary Source Verification (PSV) and CBT Assessment exam pattern

In Step 3: Complete the PSV and CBT Assessment. Individuals who are interested in obtaining a license to work in the healthcare sector in Dubai must complete a Primary Source Verification (PSV) and successfully pass the Computer-Based Test (CBT) assessment if required.

The PSV Process through DataFlow
The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has partnered with DataFlow Group to conduct background screenings of healthcare professionals who submit a DHA dataflow license application process. This process thoroughly examines the educational backgrounds and credentials of all applicants to ensure that only genuine and qualified individuals are registered with the Dubai Medical Registry.

The CBT Assessment through Prometric Exam for DHA License Application

Some healthcare professionals, like doctors, dentists, and nurses, must take an initial CBT Assessment. This DHA dataflow license exam is conducted by an independent examination board called Prometric, which assesses applicants’ knowledge and skill levels.

After successfully passing the Prometric CBT Test and the PSV review, individuals can register for the DHA dataflow license in Dubai.

Step 4: DHA Exam Pattern to Get DHA Dataflow License in Dubai

Once you have passed the CBT and PSV, you need to register on the DHA Sheryan portal to begin processing your license application. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Click on the “Register a Professional” option.

2. Fill in all the relevant information.

3. Upload all the necessary documents.

4. Pay the DHA dataflow registration fee of AED 200 and submit your application form.

As Dubai Health Authority dataflow is one of the most important parts of nursing license in UAE, The DHA dataflow will review your application in light of your CBT and PSV results. They will approve, reject, or ask you to provide additional information according to the requirements for DHA license.

Step 5: Schedule an Oral Assessment to Obtain an Eligibility Letter

Depending on the healthcare position you are applying for in Dubai, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) may require you to take an oral assessment. To schedule your assessment, follow these steps:

1. Choose a date for the oral DHA dataflow license exam in Dubai.

2. Pay the registration fee for the oral DHA dataflow license exam, which is AED 250 for normal assessment and AED 2,000 for urgent.

3. Take the assessment and ensure that you pass it.

Step 6: Activate DHA Nursing License to Work in Dubai

You will become a registered DHA nursing licensed professional once you pass the oral Dubai Health Authority exam. The final step in this process is to activate your professional license. Nurses in Dubai can practice full-time, part-time, or even as trainees in Dubai with an activated license.  Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Select the professional’s registration and submit an online application.
  2. Wait for the relevant authority to approve your request.
  3. Pay the license activation fees of AED 1000 – AED 4,000
  4. Once approved, the professional’s license will be activated, and a License will be generated. 

Congratulations! After completing these steps, you will successfully activate it into a license and be officially recognized as a licensed and registered DHA professional in Dubai.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Average Processing Time to Obtain a DHA Dataflow License in Dubai After DHA License Application

The verification process usually takes 15 to 25 working days from the payment date and submission of a complete set of documents. Sometimes, the verification process may get delayed due to the applicant’s incomplete submission of required documents.

In addition, there might be a delay in response from the authorities involved in the DataFlow process, such as foreign verification and good standing certificates from the nursing councils, College verification from the College or University, or email replies from your current or previous employers. In such cases, the candidate can contact Dha directly for updates.

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Required Documents for DHA Dataflow License

Suppose you want to apply for a DHA dataflow license in Dubai, UAE as a nurse. In that case, you must provide the following documents for initial processing.

Dubai Health Authority’s license requirements:

  • A recent passport-size photograph
  • A copy of your valid passport
  • Educational qualifications
  • Experience certificates
  • Practice license or registration
  • Good Standing Certificate (GSC)
  • A 2-year experience certificate
  • A 2-year surgical logbook (for surgeons)
  • For applicants aged 65 and above, a medical fitness test is also required. You can get this done at any of the visa medical centers in Dubai. 

Once your license application is approved, you will also need to submit the following:

  • An offer letter from your prospective employer or nursing recruitment agency
  • An insurance certificate from your prospective employer or nursing recruitment agency.

DHA Nursing License Limitations 

Certain limitations must be adhered to to obtain a nursing license from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Firstly, the applicant is required to pass the related assessment within three attempts. Additionally, the applicant must not be blacklisted and must receive the PSV (Primary Source Verification) results for the submitted documents. It is important to meet these requirements to successfully obtain a DHA license.

DHA License Renewal Process 

The validity of the DHA dataflow license is for one year and it must be renewed afterward. You can start applying for a renewal three months before the expiry date. The process takes around five working days. If you have passed the DHA Assessment, you will be issued an Eligibility Letter of validity for one year. It would be best if you found a job within this time frame. If you fail to do so, your eligibility letter will expire, and you will likely have to retake the exam. However, the validity of the assessment result will be valid for five years, provided you meet the following criteria: 

  • When reapplying for the Assessment Exemption, you meet the Unified Healthcare Professional Qualification Requirements. 
  • Your PSV results are positive, and any additional documents added for verification/validation are in order.
  • You meet any new criteria set by DHA at the time of application. 

Therefore, if you are unable to secure a job within one year of receiving the eligibility letter, the tenure of the letter will expire. In that case, you may need to apply DHA exam again or apply for the renewal of the eligibility letter to renew your license.

Documents Required for DHA License Renewal

As discussed in the blog every medical professional requires a DHA license to work with Dubai healthcare facilities. The license is valid for one year only, hence must apply for a DHA license before the validity of the license expires. Here are the documents required to renew the license.

  • A clear copy of your valid passport. 
  • Your PSV results of
    • Good standing Certificate
    • Validity of License
    • Previous experiences
  • Updated experiences
  • Renewed insurance certificate 

Steps for DHA License Renewal from Dubai

To initiate the DHA license renewal from Dubai, follow the below steps:

  • Upload the PSV document in the portal.
  • Upload the new certificate of Insurance.
  • In the Sheryan portal, the application for license renewal should be submitted.
  • Proceed with the Sheryan DHA license renewal fee payment according to the position.
  • Once approved, the medical license in Dubai will be automatically renewed and delivered via courier.

Once DHA approves the request, your medical license in Dubai will be automatically renewed and delivered via courier. The medical license in UAE offers an option to renew your license within three months of expiry to avoid appearing for the exam again and acquiring a DHA license again.

How to Renew Expired DHA License

For those who intend to renew their old expired DHA license, if it is within three months after expiry, then the license renewal is possible via the Sheryan portal. The fee for the same is AED 200.

For renewal of the DHA License, need to upload your latest Insurance certificate and all necessary documents for PSV verification. Once you’ve submitted your application, pay the renewal fee of AED 200 and await the DHA review. Once you are successfully renewed, your license will be sent to you.

How to Get a DHA Good Standing Certificate From Dubai to Apply for a DHA License

To begin with, let’s understand the meaning of a Good Standing Certificate. As an international nursing recruitment specialist in the human resources industry, in my experience, “A good standing certificate is an important document issued by nursing registration authorities like nursing councils, government organizations, or boards, confirming that a registered nurse’s license or registration has no limitations, suspensions, or cancellations in any jurisdiction or country where they practice nursing. It is a necessary requirement for nurses who want to work in another country or state, as it proves their eligibility and compliance with the regulatory standards of the nursing profession.” Obtaining this certificate is crucial for nurses who wish to pursue international opportunities and broaden their career prospects.

Where to find the Good Standing Certificate

Goodstanding service allows healthcare professionals currently or previously licensed by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to request Good Standing Certificates or License Details Verification. You can find the certificate in the “closed applications” section of your professional account on the application process. The processing time for a Good Standing Certificate is typically one working day, while License Details Verification takes around five working days.  

Who Can Get a Good Standing Certificate?

This service is available to Physicians, Dentists, Allied Healthcare, Nurses, Midwives, and Traditional and Complementary and Alternative Medicine professionals who are either currently licensed by DHA or were previously licensed. However, Good Standing Certificates will not be issued to healthcare professionals who were licensed by DHA in private healthcare facilities before 1999.

Requirements for Good Standing Certificate

Certain documents must be submitted to obtain a Good Standing Certificate from the Dubai Health Authority. These include a valid passport copy (if not updated in the system) and an End of Service Letter for government healthcare professionals.

In conclusion, obtaining a Good Standing Certificate is important for healthcare professionals who wish to work in another country or state. The process of obtaining a Good Standing Certificate from the Dubai Health Authority involves submitting certain documents and paying the required fees. It is important to note that if you have any violations or unpaid fines, a Certificate of Current Status will be issued instead of a GSC. The Good standing service provided by DHA is a fast and efficient way for healthcare professionals to obtain their Good Standing Certificate or License Details Verification. It is crucial to comply with the regulatory standards of the nursing profession to broaden career prospects and pursue international opportunities.

How to Varify the DHA license details

To verify the DHA license details, Follow the below steps.

  • Upload a copy of the Verification Form, a copy of your valid passport, and a copy of your last DHA license.
  • Submit the DHA application online along with other required documents.
  • Proceed with the payment of AED 500 verification charges.
  • In the Sheryan portal, the application for license renewal should be submitted.
  • Await DHA to review the same.
  • Once approved, the medical license in Dubai will be automatically renewed and delivered via courier.
  • Once approved, a GSC letter will be generated, and a copy will be emailed to another recipient (if requested in the application).

Please note that if you are currently suspended or have been suspended in the past two years, or if you have received any other decisions, such as a reassessment, violation warning, or undertaking letter, a Certificate of Current Status will be issued instead of a GSC. Additionally, you must not have any unpaid outstanding fines, and you must have a DHA license for license verification requests.

To avail DHA license for medical professionals, Several payments are required during various steps of the DHA licensing process. Here is the guide to the step-wise breakdown of DHA license fees for your easy understanding.

DHA Exam & License Fee Structure 

Application & Registration Fees

Even though the self-assessment tests are of no charge, there will be a credentialing fee for all health professionals which is AED 200.

License Activation Fees

License TypeNurse/Allied Health/TCAMPhysician/Dentist
Full-time License FeesAED 1000AED 3000
Part-time License FeesAED 4000AED 4000
Trainee License FeesAED 1000AED 3000
Convert to Full-time FeesAED 200AED 200
*Fee Structure as of October 2023

License Renewal Fees

License TypeNurse and Midwife/Allied Health/T&CMPhysician/Dentist
Full-time License FeesAED 1000AED 3000
Part-time License FeesAED 4000AED 4000
Trainee License FeesAED 1000AED 3000
*Fee Structure as of October 2023

Oral Assessment Fees

Assessment TypesNurse/Allied Health/TCAMPhysician/Dentist
Normal AssessmentAED 250AED 500
Urgent AssessmentAED 2000AED 2000
*Fee Structure as of October 2023

DHA License is mandatory for all professionals associated with the medical field in Dubai as per authorities to ensure the quality of the medical sector, hence the same will be applicable for Pharmacists, Doctors, Surgeons, Nursing assistants, etc. So after the process of DHA license for nurses, next, let us discuss the procedures for getting DHA License for other major health care professionals.

Pharmacist DHA License Exam Syllabus and Process 

Similarly, as for nurses, a mandatory document Primary Source Verification (PSV) is necessary to get the Pharmacist License, Hence submit the documents to the PSV Agency and await the results. Upon receipt of the successful verification, clear the CBT assessments and then register with DHA for the license. Also, schedule an oral assessment if necessary, and upon successful completion of all the above, the DHA license to pursue their careers in any part of Dubai will be with them.

What are the DHA License Requirements for Doctors to practice in Dubai

To apply for the DHA license  for doctors in Dubai’s healthcare sector and to do medical practice in Dubai, need to provide the following documents:

  1. Recent passport-sized photograph
  2. Clear copy of valid passport
  3. Good Standing Certificate (GSC) that are valid and not older than six months at the time of application
  4. Logbook for surgical specialties of last two years
  5. Verification results of qualifications, experience, and registration as per the requirements.

Additionally, if required, may have to provide CBT assessment results as well to issue the DHA License for the Dubai healthcare sector.

Types of Medical Licensing Exams and Licenses in UAE

UAE is a country that values its way of life, quality of life, and conventional traditions. Hence they always give prominent consideration to the basic facts like health care, education, safety, etc. The reason for an increased migration rate to UAE from various parts of the world is also due to the vast job opportunities it extends for qualified professionals around the world. For the professionals who desire to work in the Emirates region, the authorities have set some mandatory licenses to start a job or work in different emirates of the country.

In the medical sector, for healthcare professionals in Dubai, the UAE Government has strict regulations and licenses issued to be produced to work in the country, also DHA exam is a nationwide exam to obtain a medical license in Dubai. As UAE is a nation of 7 Emirates (States) there are different types of medical professional licenses depending on the emirate in which your job is based. In UAE, there are 4 types of licenses for medical professionals to land a position according to the emirate they choose to work. There are the DHA License issued by the Dubai Health Authority, the MOH License issued by the Ministry of Health and Prevention, the HAAD License issued by the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi, and the DHCC License issued by the Dubai Health Care City Authority which you need one of the 4 licenses to work as a medical professional in UAE.

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