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Are you looking for a part time job? Do you know where to start? Is it safe? What do you do?
Hi everyone, I’m Jins George, Assistant General Manager HRstride.COM Job consultancy in kottayam. Today I am sharing with you seven things to consider before choosing a part time job.

Most Demanded Part Time Jobs and it’s future

Some part time jobs are most demanded than others in Kottayam, Kerala. Focusing on such part time jobs, you will get employed as soon as possible, and the reward for your efforts will be gratifying because of the demand for such jobs.
Part time jobs that require your physical presence at the workplace and work from home jobs through online require to be operated on a freelance basis.
The best advantage of an online part time job is that you can work independently from anywhere for various clients too.
If you are a student, online part time jobs could be ideal with your study.  You can take up in your free time getting extended your work experience and earn extra money.

Teacher and Tutor Jobs Work from Home

Teaching is one of the most reputed and satisfying careers in human history. In this digital era, we all recognise a positive approach from the general public and students towards learning online via online courses or one-on-one online lessons from professionals. Moreover, online teaching has an immense demand and opportunity in the future.
Work from home teacher jobs have complete flexibility over your schedule and can select their availability depends on your strategy. You can consider these three strategies you choose to work from home as an online tutor. (1) Work as an employee, (2) Independent contractor and (3) You can set up your own business.

Part Time Social Media Manager Jobs

Social Media Manager is one of the part time jobs most demanded in future, and it will come in the online space. It can be suitable for all college students. You can take up a closer look, and it’s fun because it is what you do every day spending time on FacebookInstagram and Snapchat. Do not waste your time any longer; look for part time jobs for students in this category and take on the task. You can combine this job with your studies, especially if you are good at multitasking.

Part Time Online Promotion Jobs

Online Promotion is another most demanded part time job nowadays in Kerala without any investment. Any tech savvies especially on the internet and social platforms and having a passion for brand building or celebrity outreach it would be ideal for them. All you required is to promote the business to an online audience in related forums like travel discussion forum in India for a travel guide, and social media forums available.

Part Time Graphic Designer Jobs

Lots of Graphic Designer job opportunities are there in Kerala for freshers in the digital marketing space. It could be a freelance graphic designer job or a part time graphic design faculty jobs. However, a graphic designer has the brightest future in online part time jobs and in the digital world. If you love to design graphics and you are capable of using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, you can work as a freelance graphic designer at your local marketing agency in Kottayam or create a graphic design for selling globally through

Part Time Sales and Marketing Jobs

Part time sales and marketing jobs could be the most attractive sales booting strategy for all size of the business. Therefore, you can approach small or big businesses with a walking enquiry to get a part time job. Once you get the post and deliver value to the business, they will choose your service periodically for boosting their sales.  Most of the business owners like to add extra budgets on festival seasons for part time jobs.

Part Time Telecaller Jobs

Telecaller part job has additional flexibility in the part time jobs space. Currently, most Malayalam telecaller jobs are available in the telecom sector. Second in the list is tech call centre jobs in Kochi Infopark in Kerala. Insurance companies call centre jobs are also reputed and have a demand in part time job market.
Home based telecaller jobs in Kerala has a huge demand from job seekers and small businesses. However, measuring part time employee performance, checking employee satisfaction rate, business owners reputation and reference check still would be a problem in Kerala.

Part Time Data Entry Jobs

If you are meticulous and good at copying and pasting data, data entry is one of the most demanded part time jobs in Kottayam which you can take on with your studies. The advantage of this job is that it can be done from home, and it is one of the most popular part time jobs online for students. Data entry job involves Excel data entry tasks, digital form filling, survey form filling, copying and pasting of specified data.

Free Time Converting to Money Online- Check the Tools

Do you like to convert your skills into money online?
The right tools and approach will lead you to success and will bring money.

Monetise Your Skills on Micro Job Websites

If you are good at writing, copywriting, graphic design, SEO, social media marketing, etc. you can take jobs on micro job websites such as FiverrGigbucksUpwork, and many more. Meet clients from all over the world and earn a decent income.

Online Tutoring

If you have a passion for teaching, you can take on teaching online via Skype or by joining sites such as Tutor IndiaWiziq, and Tutor City to train on a part time basis.

Online Surveys

Online Surveys are part time jobs online that are easy to complete. Here, you are only required to give your opinion about different products and services. Businesses need people’s opinions to serve them better. Completing a survey does not take more than a few minutes.

Things to Know Before Choosing a Money Making Tool Online

You need to consider certain factors before choosing a part time job for the best result possible. Here are some important factors to give your thoughts.

Skills Required

You will be rendering your services from home or anywhere via telecommute, you need to have the skills to monetise your services. What services do you want to offer? Do you have the required skills for high-quality services? This is the first factor you must consider.

Clients or Employers

Another factor to consider is your clients; who are they? How can you locate them? This is a crucial factor because you must know where to find your clients or employers; online or offline? Do you need to create a website or join a platform? Give this a thought when searching for part-time jobs.

Choosing the Right Platform

To stand the chance of being hired, you must register on a platform that has massive traffic. Platforms like Fiverr has visitors of more than 500,000 monthly. This is crucial for you to get hired. Choose a platform that has global audiences and web presence.

How to Get Paid

Another factor to consider is the means of receiving payment for the services you provide. You must be clear about this before choosing part time jobs online.

How Part Time Jobs Work for Students, and It’s Pros and Cons

Getting a part time job is great for students; it provides opportunities, helps to obtain experience and generates money. Due to the rising cost of living, part time jobs in Kottayam have become one of the ways by which students support themselves and pay essential bills.
Furthermore, part time jobs help the students to learn time management and the art of taking responsibilities. Although part time jobs may affect student’s studies, they are still crucial to student’s survival and appreciation of financial independence.

Pros of Part Time Jobs for Students

Learning Important Skills

Learning Important Skills while doing Part time jobs help students to learn a wide range of skills that become useful in their later life. Students learn punctuality, time management, self-discipline and team-work. Besides, students are also able to acquire office and business etiquette.

Importance of Money

Students taking up part time jobs learn the importance and value of money, which is crucial for effective money management skill. Consequently, they become prudent spenders.

Saving Habits

Saving Habits is another benefit of part time jobs students acquire, which is crucial for living. They get the opportunity to learn about various investment available in the real world.

Confidence Booster

Working while studying enhances student’s self-confidence. Interacting with professionals and full-time workers impart a level of confidence in students. Also, financial independence gives them self-assurance and self confidence.


The experience gained from part time jobs adds a positive remark to a student’s profile after graduation, which makes them employable.

Cons of Part Time Jobs for Students


Taking on part time jobs in Kottayam with studies can be challenging. One of the downsides to it is constant exhaustion. It may cause you to sleep deprivation and leave you weak.

Lack of Time

With part time jobs, you will be occupied that you would not have time for other activities like hanging out with friends or partying.

The possibility of leaving college

If students earn so much money via the part time jobs, they may develop a dislike for studying as they are getting paid without a certificate. They may start thinking about dropping out of college and doing a full time job.

Benefits of Part Time Jobs? And how does it brighten your future?

Taking on part time jobs can be challenging as a student, but it offers several advantages that are far greater than the value on a paycheck. Here are some of the benefits of part time jobs.
Part time jobs are a type of employment that involves working for fewer hours than full-time jobs, usually under 30 hours per week. Part time jobs typically allow workers to work in shifts, which can be rotational depending on the agreed terms with the employer. The good thing about part time jobs is that it is available online and accessible for students too.
Are you a student? Have you some free time that you can use to make extra bucks? You can schedule your work in a way that it does not clash with your studies or other schedules. With dedication and proper time management, you can get a lot done without lagging your scheduled tasks.

Extra Bucks

Part time jobs will give you the opportunity to make money from catering your educational expenses or daily living. Monetise the free time you have by taking on part time jobs through our part time job programs for college students in Kottayam.

Budgeting Lessons

Having to spend the money earned through hard work instil discipline and teaches prudence by prioritising necessities over wants, and going for what is needed. Moreover, it prepares you to study abroad with part time jobs as per your plan.

Time Management

Part time jobs for students help students to manage their time and strike a balance between work and studies without sacrificing one for the other. Non-working students do not tend to have time management skills like working students, which will give an edge while in the job interview.

Early Work Experience

Students can gain experience while still studying. This will be attractive to employers after graduation with the early introduction to the business world or work environment. Moreover, you can choose your career goals according to the facts and likes you find from the part time work environments.

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