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Job Consultancy for a Job Search in Kottayam

In this internet era, finding a job should be a lot easier than ever before right? Why should I find a job consultancy near me and get job placement advice from them?

Hi everyone, I’m Jins George, Assistant General Manager in HRstride.COM a tech-based Job consultancy in Kottayam. Today I am sharing with you the offers you can experience from a job consultancy near me search on Google for your job placement.

Finding a job is lot easier than ever before, which is absolutely right. However, why people spend so much time searching and getting little findings? And why struggle to make a connection with HR or employer? I believe that’s because getting a desired job could be a rollercoaster ride, without a guide. That’s why job consultancy near me, you should include on your job search and choose a professional job placement service at your ease.

When you select a local job consultancy, you should make sure that your consultant should have the ability to understand your needs and find perfect employers for you. That’s because each consultant at any employment agency will not serve you equally and perform evenly.

In this article, you will uncover how a local job consultancy works, learn about different types of job placement and the advantages of choosing a job consultancy for your job search. Moreover, how to select the best consultant from any job consultancy.

Different types of placement service a job consultancy have

Job consultancies have different types of placement services, and common types includes Shortlisting, Interview & selection, Onboard for the employer, Part time job placement, Work outsourcing, Short term project work and Local job placements. These placement services turn your desires and will determine the model that will be more suitable for you.

Shortlisting candidates by a Job consultancy

Big corporations have large number of applicants for the same job in various locations. Shortlisting process focus on identifying the candidates for specific location from the applicant’s pool and then hand over them to local Job consultancies.

In a recruitment process, shortlisting comes after sourcing (finding and attracting candidates before an interview and further assessing a candidate.

Screening and shortlisting candidates happens simultaneously: as the job consultancy screen each candidates resume they do shortlist the finest to proceed further. 

Furthermore, there are a lot of technical and legal considerations that go into a proper shortlisting process. 

How local Job consultancy to conduct interview & selection

Selection interviews are conducted mostly onsite and at the hiring company. The purpose of these selection interviews are to determine whether a candidate is fit for the position which he or she is interviewing for. A selection interview is more rigorous than a screening interview. During this stage , a company is trying to decide whether or not you should be moved further in the hiring process or an offer is going to be extended. Therefore, there will be more scrutiny than in a screening interview. The company wants to know – whether you are qualified for the job? , Are you a good cultural fit?, Can you make any immediate impact, or will you need extensive training? . Interview questions will be more specific and therwfore your answers should be more detailed.

Part time Job form Job Consultancy

Part time jobs that require your physical presence at the workplace and work from home jobs through online should be operated on a freelance basis. The best advantage of an online part time job is that you can work independently from anywhere and for various clients.

If you are a student, online part time jobs will be ideal with your study. You can take up in your free time getting extended your work experience and earn extra money. To understand about most demanded part time jobs and wthat needs to be considered while choosing part time jobs; read my blog 7 Best Part Time Jobs and It’s Future Work from Home

Outsourcing Work through Job consultancy 

Outsourcing work has several names, and to name a few are Project sourcing, co-sourcing, contracting, project work, secondment. But what is outsourcing work exactly?

Outsourcing work is a type of recruitment where companies are seeking candidates to work on temporary projects with different clients. Besides, the outsourcing work company can permanently employ you.

Outsourcing work is particularly interesting for employers and freelance experts with specialised knowledge and who seeks to gain further experience in different projects. By joining an outsourcing work company, they will be able to work on temporary (usually medium and long-term) projects for various clients.

Outsourcing work is unusual for companies because, they can temporarily ‘hire’ specialist knowledge whereas, the responsibility for the specialists remains with the outsourcing company. Outsourcing work thus offers optimum flexibility for companies that are quickly in need of specialised expertise.

Short term project works form Job Consultancy

Short term project work focuses on interim projects. Temporary job placement agencies are searching on behalf of other companies for employees who can quickly fill in short term projects. These can be work assignments for Replacement of a permanent employee, Handle a temporary increase in work or Deal with exceptional work.

Short term project work is focussing mainly on filling general vacancies that require limited specialised knowledge. Temporary job agencies are having a short relationship with job seekers. When your job finished, your contract with the job consultancy will come to an end as well.

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