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The best job consultancy in Kottayam and recruitment agency for your career or business. Because we match the right companies and candidates according to their needs. Besides, we are committed to saving you time, money and focus by researching to find the right people and company when you ask for a position or a talent.

Besides, we work daily to apply and share our know-how to benefit your career and business and build a better tomorrow.  

Our Vision & Mission

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Experienced professionals work for your Career or Business aspirations by bringing the right people in, information and collaboration.

We provide end-to-end career solutions, getting recruited for your dream job and meeting our employers’ requirements. Moreover, our practice licence exam courses and skill development courses are for getting your professional job abroad or finding the right employers in India, respectively.

Besides, we finish and deliver various body registrations and verifications all over the globe. It includes Police clearance certificates, special verification, embassy attestations or a transcript from your college, university, medical and nursing councils.

As a recruitment agency, we specialise in helping people on their career paths with career guidance, admissions and recruitment. Besides, we do the documentation for getting your professional registrations and verifications for getting recruited abroad, or it may be for your visas, permanent residency, green card or even citizenship.

In 2021, we helped over 900 people to get recruited for their dream careers abroad by providing them with the required documentation they need to complete professional verifications from the county of origin.

We conduct pan India nurses recruitment to Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore weekly. Senior carer visa to the UK, Free nurses recruitment to NHS UK and Free nurses recruitment to private employers in the UK monthly. Besides, we are doing all kinds of documentation and verification services from major nursing councils across India and abroad for a fast recruitment process.

We provide tailored career change guidance to people looking to change and start a new career. It helps to recruit in India or abroad through consultations with one of our experts.
Furthermore, we provide a step-by-step study guide, progress check, interview preparation, rewritten resumes, and cover letters for people looking for recruitment services and a better life tomorrow.

Firstly, you can access skill upgradation courses online and self-paced learning from the comfort of your home. Secondly, you will interact with diverse people and learn from them for a better career progression and get recruited.
Thirdly, it provides solutions for working remotely and par opportunities where one can find the right blend between work and personal life.

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Your helping hand is obtaining your business objectives or documentation for your next career leap. 

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act for your Career or Business dreams by getting an appropriate person, knowledge and teamwork. 

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Business Model

While job and recruitment consulting, we match the companies and candidate that suits their professional & business goals and, growth & happiness.

Job consultancy in Kottayam HRstride.COM's business model for human resource management

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Recruitment Assistance​

Opened our end-to-end recruitment solutions, guidance and training for getting a perfect match between job seekers and employers. 

Online & Remote

The future of work started; work anywhere, anytime. So, recruitment is easier than ever before. Now our clients and trained recruitee have more time to serve their customers & clients; the trend is rising in popularity in the pandemic.

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Assisting Businesses

Trained part-time employees recruited for contracted hours. So, the marketing and sales team is on a limited budget to improve diversity and enhance your workforce.

How does your UK recruitment make it possible so fast?

Firstly, if you want to get recruited as a nurse or senior carer in the UK, HRstride.COM is the perfect fit. We offer a free, efficient, and rapid turnaround service for any nursing position to NHS UK or private employer.

Secondly, for a fast UK recruitment process, our in-house documentation team do all kind of documentation and verification services from the major nursing councils across India and abroad. Suppose they needed a police clearance certificate from a previous country they worked in.

Thirdly, for your preparation to become a UK NHS nurse, we provide an NMC CBT preparation course, nurses and senior carers interview questions and answers for practice, and rewrite resumes and cover letters for the UK NHS standards.