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About HRstride.COM Recruitment Agency in Kottayam, Kerala

In this internet age, finding a job should be a lot easier than ever before. But why do people spend so much time searching and getting little findings?

That's because getting a desired job could be a rollercoaster ride, without a guide and that's why we are here.

Welcome to HRsrtide.COM recruitment agency that creates the perfect match between job seekers and employers.

You can discover the benefits of using a recruitment agency for job search, how it works, learn about different types of recruitment and the benefits of recruitment agency if you are looking for a new job.


Ten Commandments of HRstride.COM

1. MANAGEMENT IS PEOPLE: Be inspired to coach people, don't just command them.


2. HIRE SMART NO MEDIOCRITY ALLOWED: We can’t allow mediocre people to come in and influence our current team. Our team should know to hire good people to work with them.


3. HAVE RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL: We will motivate you to be trusted to get your job done, you will be liberated you from micromanagement.


4. PEOPLE INVOLVEMENT - IT'S ALL ABOUT PEOPLE: It's not numbers we care for, but honestly the people understand and do their job to have an impact on the rest of the company.


5. OWNERSHIP: Own your own job, own your own function.


6. HOOPLA: Let’s celebrate a little bit; when we get something done and introduce a new flavour or when we meet our monthly goals. Let’s make sure that we take time to celebrate.


7. TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN: Equip people when we hire them, equip people when we promote them, equip people when we let them to the next level.


9. COMMUNICATION IS IMPORTANT: Communication should be face-to-face it could be either giving feedback or conveying an important message.


10. REMEMBER IT’S AN UPSIDE-DOWN ORGANISATION: We are not a triangle organisation. We respect and demand all our frontline employees feedback us with good and bad news on a day to day basis, who are dealing with our customers face to face every day.


10. READY, AIM, FIRE:  Not to be negligent or to be too crazy but be spontaneous. We expect you to make decisions not just sit around and aiming all the time. Be careful, use your training, get permission and fire for the company to reach on its heights.