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The best job consultancy in Kottayam, Kerala, for finding your dream job. We are committed to connecting job seekers with the right opportunities in various industries, including healthcare, education, commerce, technology and more.

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for your better life

As a job consultancy, we prioritise matching the business and candidate that suits their professional or business goals, growth and happiness.

Get a Part-time staff

HRstride.COM job consultancy provides the skills on a limited budget to improve diversity and enhance your workforce.

Become a part-time employee

Our job consultancy opens doors to new job opportunities with flexible working time, saving travel time and money.

Hire a service provider​

You can hire experienced professionals to work on business and start-up projects on time at an affordable cost from our job consultancy.

Become a service provider

Be a part of our job consultancy and creative project. Besides, do you need to earn extra income or avoid daycare expenses? Then, our job consultancy has a solution for you.

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Why should you choose HRstride.COM as your Job Consultancy?

For Job Seekers

At the core of a job consultancy, we ensure to arrange a professional representation of the candidates’ profiles.

Moreover, as a job consultancy, we don’t want to email an application that might disappear among the job applicants.

Thus, it helps our job consultancy and our employers not miss out on any talents, and our candidates reach their considered career goals.

For Employers

We save your time and focus as a Job Consultancy

Our job consultancy saves time for our employers, for example, if someone never passes the first round.

Our job consultancy shortlists candidates and conducts first-round interviews for our employers.

So, our employers only need to be involved in interviewing their top-notch future employees in the interview.

Rewriting resumes and cover letters for different roles if needed.

We Enable growth and Innovations as a Job Consultancy

HRstride.COM job consultancy provides the best talents. Moreover, candidates often receive training to get new skill sets to excel in their positions.

In addition, candidates and employers often receive support from our job consultancy to maximise their business potential through innovations and to grow to the next level.

Apply to Find Your First Job

Our goal is to help you find a job that aligns with your career aspirations and future goals.

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Our Process to Making You Succeed


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Crafting Your Career Future: Strengths and Weaknesses Explored

Identifying the potential

Schedule a meeting to assess the strengths and weaknesses of as job seeker or freelancer.

Career Guidance Unveiled: Your FREE Road Map Awaits

FREE Road Map

After the meeting, you received helpful tips, strategies for addressing your weaknesses, and a road map for further steps.

Skills Enhancement Blueprint by HRstride.COM Job Consultancy in Kottayam

Concept Building  

We can create a personalized plan to help you improve your skills and eliminate weaknesses, making you more employable.

Progress Unveiled: Your Journey with HRstride.COM job consultancy in Kottayam

Full Support​

We offer regular support, assessments and reports on assignments to evaluate progress. Additionally, we provide FREE classes and mock tests to help you secure a quick placement.

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Empower Your Career Path

Whether you are a fresh graduate, a seasoned professional, or someone looking for a career change, our job consultancy service can help you achieve your career aspirations. Join our growing community of satisfied job seekers, and let us help you take the next step in your career journey.

Our experienced team of recruitment professionals provide personalized career advice and support, from CV writing to interview preparation. Besides, we pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ unique needs and finding the best candidates that align with their talents and goals.

Next Career Leap to Abroad?

Job Opportunities Abroad

Consider exploring job opportunities abroad to take your career to the next level. At HRstride.COM abroad job consultancy, we specialize in helping professionals find potential career opportunities in countries like the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia.

As one of Kerala’s top New Zealand and Australian nurses recruitment agencies, we can connect you with the best nursing positions. Additionally, we are known as the best nursing agency for Australian and New Zealand immigration in Kottayam, Kerala, offering comprehensive immigration services to help you achieve your career goals.

As A Job Consultancy

Our Expertise

Are you planning to hire a job consultancy service? We are here in Kottayam, Kerala, to provide a one-stop solution for all your job consultancy needs from start to end. Our human resources team provides personalised assistance and support throughout every step of your career. It could be connecting job seekers with the right job opportunities or the right job search strategies to get a career leap in India or abroad as a job seeker.

  • As a best job consultancy in Kottayam, Kerala, our human resources team provides personalised assistance and support throughout every step of your career.
  • Our jobs consultancy provides expert career advice and support to help job seekers of all backgrounds find their dream job.
  • Our UK jobs consultancy in Kottayam, Kerala provides personalized career advice and support to help job seekers find their dream job in the UK
  • As a career service consultancy in Kottayam, Kerala, we have extensive expertise in helping professionals migrate abroad and find better career opportunities.
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We are a job consultancy that helps people find jobs in Kottayam, in the UK and Abroad. Some people we have helped find jobs said nice things about us on Google. You can see what they said in our ‘Google reviews‘. We are one of the best UK recruitment agencies in Kerala!

It has been a big pleasure to be a part of HRstride.COM job consultancy. I really had a great experience with them. They guide us very well during this pandemic period also. I got a job at saifee hospital in Mumbai. They maintain constant contact with us. Thank you to all team of the consultancy. They restore my faith. Once again, thank you so much.
Nurses Recruitment to Mumbai
Great service👏I would like to express my gratitude towards the HRstride agency as they helped me a lot for stepping into Saifee hospital.
HRstride jobs have provided me with great experience. They are very helpful, truthful and honest in their work. I am thankful to my mentor Drishya…. She is very helpful and also provided me with good guidance….
Excellent service… Friendly approach… I strongly recommend HRstride job consultancy to all nurses who wish to work in the UK. They are genuine and professional. A very big thanks to the entire team for your support.
Free Nurses Recruitment to the UK
It has been an absolute pleasure to a being a part of HRstride.com consultancy 😊 you people restored my faith in agencies ✌🏼 Brilliant communication and strong talent are the hallmarks of the service😍..I got the job in Saifee hospital Mumbai 😊 Thanks to the HRstride.COM job consultancy for guiding us🙏 Specially thanks to dear Mrs Jerly for the support and guidance…she maintained constant contact with us and improved the trust 😍once again, thanks to the whole team keep shinning ✌🏼😍
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