KNMC Foreign Verification

Kerala Nursing Council Foreign Verification

KNMC foreign verification is mandatory if you want to register with any foreign nursing council like the UK NMC, Dubai Health Authority or any other nursing council around the world. The first step is you have to submit an application to the registrar, KNMC, with your name, phone number, email ID, address, and address of the overseas nursing council, along with their email ID and phone number for this service. Besides, the respective nursing council’s application form needs to be submitted.

To be precise, with the requisition letter, please enclose the following documents. Also, it would be an advantage if you could submit the attested copies of your certificates.

1. A written application addressing the KNMC registrar.
2. Copy of Kerala Registration certificate.
3. Copy of SSLC Certificate page, which shows Date Of Birth.
4. Copy of experience certificate from your previous employer.
5. If your respective country’s nursing board wants character verification, include an Experience cum Conduct Certificate.
6. The verification form from the foreign nursing board (if available) you wish to register. One of the most important documentation for the MNC registration requirements or NMBI Registration to Ireland. 
7.  An application fee of Rs. 2000 is required to send your verification certificate directly to your overseas nursing council.
8. The above-mentioned fee should be paid by bank transfer via NEFT/RTGS sent to State Bank of India, Account number: 57036987162, IFSC Number: SBIN0070028 and branch is Thiruvananthapuram
9. You must mention the UTR number, date, and amount of the transfer in the application.

As mentioned above, you should forward the application and the enclosed documents with application fees to The Registrar, Kerala Nurses and Midwives Council, Red Cross Road, Thiruvananthapuram.

Nursing Council Foreign Verification to the UK NMC or Third-Party Verification

If you want to work as a nurse or midwife in the UK, you must prove that you are a qualified nurse registered with the Kerala Nursing Council. To do this, you need to follow two steps.

Firstly, you must confirm your registration with the Kerala Nursing Council (KNMC) to the UK Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). This involves uploading a copy of your Kerala Nursing Council registration certificate and providing your college details.

Secondly, the KNMC should verify your registration with the UK NMC, which is considered as a third-party verification. To complete this step, you need to contact the Kerala Nursing Council, pay the required fees, and request them to confirm your registration with the UK NMC.

Once the Kerala Nursing Council verifies your registration with NMC, you will receive an email from NMC confirming your nursing education qualification. You will also receive two more emails containing your NMC Pearson VUE account details, including your user ID and candidate ID. The second email will contain your password. You can use your Pearson VUE account to book the NMC CBT.

Dataflow Verification or Foreign Verification with DHA, UAE

If you are interested in working as a nurse in the UAE, it is mandatory to be registered with the Dubai Health Authority. Nurses from Kerala must provide evidence of their professional nursing qualifications to the DHA. The primary source verification process for DHA is handled by Dataflow. Once KNMC verifies your nursing registration with Dataflow, you can proceed with completing the Dataflow verification or Foreign verification with Dubai Health Authority, UAE.

KNMC foreign verification application tracking

If you successfully applied for KNMC foreign verification, KNMC will dispatch the details to the named country’s Nursing council. However, you can request KNMC to get your tracking number for India Post to track your foreign verification.  

Specifically, you can contact the KNMC foreign verification department at +91471-2774100 to get your foreign verification application tracking number and updates.

Moreover, You can click on this third-party website for Kerala Nursing Council Foreign Verification Tracking or track at India post international tracking on the link Kerala Nursing Council Verification Tracking to get the status for different countries.

Keep in mind that once the specific country’s Nursing Council receives the documents, it may take up to 3 weeks to scan and upload them to the portal. So you might need to wait until one month for updating. And if it takes more than one month, don’t hesitate to make an inquiry about it.

Kerala Nursing Council Verification to the Other States

For you to successfully obtain the KNMC foreign verification certificate, you have to write an application addressing the registrar with your name, phone number, email address, your address, and the address of the particular state nursing council where you wish to send the certificate e.g. Maharashtra nursing council.

1. A copy of the Kerala Nurses and Midwives Council certificate
2. Senior secondary school leaving certificate
3. A copy of your Experience certificate, if applicable
4. A verification form by the state nursing council, if applicable
5. An application fee of ₹500/- This is to send your verification certificate to your particular state nursing council. The fee paid by demand draft should be payable to; The Registrar, Kerala Nurses and Midwives Council and payable at Thiruvananthapuram. Click on KNMC payment to know more about other payment options.

Forward your application along with relevant documents and the required fees enclosed to; The Registrar, Kerala Nurses and Midwives Council, Red Cross Road, Thiruvananthapuram.

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