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Karnataka Nursing Council Registration Renewal Appointment in 2022 Latest Update

By: Sumol Thomas

Updated : 19/04/2021 | Published : 19/04/2021

Easy Way to Get Karnataka Nursing Council Registration- HRstride.COM

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KNC Registration | KNC Appointment | KNC Good Standing Certificate | KNC NOC KNC Sample Request letters & Forms 

In this digital era, the fastest way of getting things done is through online, and it has the same effect on the Karnataka Nursing Council Registration. It is a privilege for all the candidates that the  Karnataka Nursing Council accepts applications online. Moreover, you can complete the Karnataka nursing registration and get an appointment for various KNC services online.

On the Karnataka Nursing Council website, you can process registering and renewing your ANM, GNM, B.Sc Nursing, Post B.Sc and M.Sc Nursing education qualifications. Furthermore, you can apply for certificates like NOC, Good Standing Certificate, Migration Certificate, Verification Certificate, Change of Name and Change of Address through online.

KNC Registration Online and Book Appointment- Demo


Karnataka Nursing Council Registration Online Step by Step Process

1. Creating an account:

KNC has a simple and easy to use the website to complete the registration process online. The first step for this process is to create an online account with the Karnataka Nursing Council. When you click on the online registration, it will lead you to fill up the basic information form.

Please note, if you are a KNC registered member and you do not have an online account then mention your first or permanent knc registration number. New KNC members should leave the first knc registration number box empty and complete the online registration.

After submitting the knc registration form for an online account, an email will be sent to you to verify the account and complete the knc registration process. In addition, updates, notifications and OTP of your applications and appointments for various KNC services also will be sent to your email or via SMS to your mobile phone from KNC. Therefore, ensure to provide a valid email ID and mobile number for KNC online registration.

2. KNC login:

After creating an online account with KNC using your email ID as username, your mobile number should be the initial password for you to login to the Karnataka nursing council. Before clicking the KNC login, do not forget to enter a case sensitive captcha for security reasons.
Once you agree with the Indian Nursing Council’s Code of Nursing Ethics, you will get a lifetime account with KNC. Subsequently, change your password, and it is a must for security reasons. Your new password should have at least six characters with a special character. Remember, your old password was your mobile number.

3. Personal and Contact info:

To apply for Karnataka Nursing Council Registration or avail other KNC services you must complete your personal info and contact info first.

4. Education info: 

Is mandatorily filled by KNC, and you can see all your KNC registered nursing educational information in this tab.

5. The document section:

You can choose the service you are looking for from the Karnataka Nursing Council. To apply for the service, you should first select the service from the drop-down list and upload the relevant supporting documents online. The payment section will be activated after uploading the relevant documents for your KNC application.

6. Payment section:

Select the KNC service you have applied for from the dropdown list and add the appropriate fee for your selected KSNC service. In the payment section, you can choose card payment or internet banking, which is suitable for you. After making the payment, you are directed to the KNC appointment schedule page.

7. Appointment booking:

Karnataka Nursing Council has two counters for serving the nurses. After selecting the counter, you can check and choose the available date and time for KNC appointment booking.

8. To complete the booking:

After selecting the time a pop-up will appear, and you should complete the form. Once the form is submitted, you will get an OTP on your mobile and email to verify the activity. Your appointment confirmation and your appointment ID will be sent to your mobile number and email ID for further references.

9. Prepare for the Appointment:

Once the booking is confirmed, you will be directed to the receipt page. From this receipt page, you should take the print out of your Receipt and Application form for the services you are booked an appointment with Karnataka Nursing Council.โ€‹Bring these printouts with you to submit at the time of KNC appointment. It is mandatory by Karnataka Nursing Council. NB: These receipts are always available from the fifth tab of the main menu named ‘Receipts’.

10. Documents for KNC  Registration:

Provisional Degree Certificate, Course Completion Certificate, Four years Mark Lists, Plus two Certificate/ Higher Secondary Certificate, SSLC / 10th Certificate, Two Passport size photographs. If you can submit the attested copies of your certificates and your photographs with the application number at the back each would be an advantage for you.

Karnataka Nursing Council Appointment

This section is a guide for those candidates who have an existing account with KNC to book their appointment. If you haven’t created an account with KNC yet, we recommend you to click on the KNC Registration and follow the steps given above.

The KNC releases 100 slots every day for candidates to book their appointments in two different counters. You can book your appointment by visiting the KNC  website:

Each candidate has to use the same KNC  user ID and password when registered for the first time to book your appointment. If you can’t remember your password, click on forgot password on the KNC website and you will receive a password reset link sent from KNC to your email. For instance, if you can’t remember your user ID, most probably it will be your email ID.

The first step to book a slot for the KNC appointment is completing the online form. Make sure you check and update your personal information page and contact information page with the most recent information where applicable before moving on to upload the documents for the KNC appointment. Make sure to save each page after completing the editing. Ensure that you edit all relevant sections in ‘Uppercase’. 

Next, you can move on to the documents section for your specific requirement like additional degree, good standing certificate, foreign verification etc. For this, ensure that you have all supporting documents ready to upload on your desktop to book your KNC appointment. After successfully uploading all supporting documents you are now ready to make your required fees towards the KNC service. You can find the Required documents list for relevant services given in our blog below. 

Once the documents are uploaded, click on the Payment tab, where you can choose your convenient payment method. Follow the instructions carefully to complete the payment prior to the KNC appointment.

After completing the online payment process, the system will automatically direct you to the KNC appointment page. On this page, you will be able to see counter 1 and counter 2 to book your slot, and you can choose from either of these. As per your convenience and the availability of a slot, book your KSNC appointment and a booking confirmation message will be sent to your mobile phone.

Ensure you complete all relevant section to book your KNC appointment. Once all information is entered an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter this OTP as indicated and you will receive your booking confirmation with your booking appointment ID to your registered mobile and the given email.

Finally, it will bring you to the receipt section, where you can view your receipt. As indicated on this page make sure you take a print out of your application and the receipt before walking into KNC on your appointment day. 

For further information, if in case the system shows an error, need not to panic. You can verify the payment confirmation through the receipts link. Moreover, your KNC appointment link is also available in the receipt section.

The KNC demands the print out of your receipt and application on the day of your appointment. However, you can print out your KNC application and receipt only if you are able to remit the required KNC fees and book your appointment on the same day. Prit out won’t be generated if you are not able to get the slot but payment has been remitted. 

If you find that all KNC appointment slots are fully booked, you can still continue to check the future dates and availability and book your KNC appointment. 

You can open the receipt link from the menu bar. Payment receipt, appointment link, and application print link all are available in the receipt section for your KNC appointment.

Karnataka Nursing Council Good Standing Certificate

The KNC good standing certificate is a report that confirms the goodwill and behaviour of nurses in their career in Karnataka. In order to receive a good standing certificate from the KNC, you should be a registered nurse with KNC. If you are not registered with the KNC you can click on the KNC Registration to know how to complete the first step. If you are already a registered member and now looking to avail an appointment for a good standing certificate click KNC Appointment to know how to book your KNC appointment. After you have been registered with the KNC, you can login with your registered user id and password to proceed with your required service. At this stage you must have updated your personal details with KNC and KNC will update your education details to their system.

Once all required fields are completed and documents are uploaded, you can move on to the payment section. To complete the online payment click on online payment and then choose Good standing certificate.  For payments, you can opt card payment or internet banking, which is convenient for you. If your payment is successful you will be directed to the appointment booking section. If your payment is successful you will be directed to the appointment booking section. To proceed with this you can click on KNC appointment booking and choose the service you are looking for as a good standing certificate. 

You can print out the application only if you are able to remit the fees of Rs 2000 and book the appointment for good standing certificate in a single day. However, You will be able to generate the application print out any date as soon as you book your appointment date.

Documents required for KNC Good Standing Certificate

Given below are the list of mandatory documents and additional documents you need to bring to the KNC on the day of your appointment to get a good standing certificate. Additional documents are not mandatory. However, this will vary depending on the officers you will be assigned to. Since our priority is a smooth transaction on getting the KSNC Good standing certificate, we only prepare the additional documents for all the obstacles that are likely to occur.

1. Request letter addressing Registrar Karnataka Nursing Council; or Form from the foreign Nursing council you wish to apply. 
2. Your KNC registration certificate. 
3. Your experience certificate available from any hospital in Karnataka
4. Your photo ID, copy of your Aadhar card or Passport 
5. Your 10th marks card (SSLC/CBSE) 
6. Your diploma or Degree certificate
7. Your Nursing transcript or a course completion certificate
8. Your final year Nursing marks card
9. Additional Documents to be carried or submitted to KNC
a. Print out of your appointment 
b. Print out of application submitted
c. Print out of three online payment receipts
d. Print out of your personal information page
e. Print out of your contact information page

You can freely download the KNC Sample request letter for Good standing certificate from the link below. However, if you wish to speed up the process ๐Ÿ˜Ž our Bangalore service consultanwill help you to submit your documents as your authorised person.๐Ÿค— 

How to get NOC from Karnataka Nursing Council

Nursing council NOC is quite complex in terms of State Nursing Councils in India have no comprehensive approach and each Nursing Councils performs in their own rules. First I have to explain what is NOC and how important it is in your Nursing career. 

It is a must that a nursing student after successfully completing the course from Karnataka state has to register with Karnataka Nursing Council. This is because the KSNC is affiliated with Rajiv Gandhi University. Therefore, for those who studied nursing in Karnataka and registered with the KNC, then the KSNC is called their Parent Nursing Council. Moreover, all State Nursing Councils in India have their own affiliated Universities. Therefore, a Parent Nursing Council is the  Nursing Council in the state where the student studied. 
Besides, for any nursing professional to work legitimately as a nurse in any particular state in India, the candidate must register with that state Nursing Council. In order for you to register with your desired nursing council, you need to get a no objection certificate from your parent nursing council. Therefore, you can apply to the KNC to get the no-objection certificate to your desired state.

However, most of the Nursing Councils in India will not hand over the No Objection Certificate to the candidate. Instead, the council will forward the NOC directly to your requested State Council. This indeed is applicable to the KSNC NOC. 

To apply for the NOC, you can choose two different methods. First, you have to apply to KNC directly for your NOC and once it is completed the  KSNC will update you. Second, to apply for a reciprocal registration to which state nursing council you want to get registered or the state in where you want to work as a registered nurse. 

If you want to get NOC from KNC to your desired nursing council you need to apply to your desired Nursing Council for a Reciprocal Registration. Moreover, you need to send a request letter to the Registrar of your desired Nursing Council to receive NOC from KSNC. Besides, you must submit a self-attested photocopy of the KNC Registration Certificate along with your request. 

However, your desired Nursing Council will directly write to KSNC and will secure the NOC for you.  After receiving the NOC, the nursing council will inform you and will notify you to surrender the original KNC Registration Certificate. Furthermore, you need to consult with your desired Nursing Council about getting NOC from KSNC before starting the process. 

States where NOC can be Obtained from KNMC through Resipocal Registration

If you want a NOC from Karnataka Nursing Council to Kerala Nursing Council, TelanganaNursing Council, Andhra Pradesh Nursing Council, Delhi Nursing Council, Uttar Pradesh nursing council, Punjab Nursing Council, Jharkhand Nursing Council, Uttarakhand Nursing Council, West Bengal Nursing Council, Assam Nursing Council, Sikkim Nursing Council, Manipur Nursing Council, Mizoram Nursing Council and Nagaland Nursing Council. 

If your desired State Nursing Council one of the above, you can apply for Reciprocal Registration and write a letter to the Registrar of your desired Nursing Council to obtain a NOC from KSNC. Please make sure that submit a self-attested photocopy of the KNC Registration Certificate along with your request letter. The above  State Nursing Councils will directly write to KSNC and obtain the NOC for you.  Once your desired Nursing council get the NOC, will inform you to surrender the original KNC Registration Certificate.

States where KNC does not give NOC through Resipocal Registration

If you want to register with Goa Nursing Council, Maharashtra Nursing Council or Tamilnadu Nursing Council, you have to directly apply for NOC to KSNC.  NOC fee is โ‚น500/- you have to pay online to KNC. You have to surrender your KSNC Registration certificate to KNC. KSNC will send the NOC directly to these Nursing Councils. Once you have email confirmation from KNC, basically it will take 10 to 15 days, you can apply to the Goa, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu nursing council through Reciprocal Registration along with the copy of your KSNC NOC.

States where you can get NOC directly online

You can get an online NOC from Andhra Nursing Council and Telangana. Once you have successfully completed the online application and pay the fees online you can download the no objection certificate from both Nursing Councils. Moreover, they will send a copy to your email too. You can use this copy to apply for Reciprocal Registration with the KNC.

Karnata Nursing Council Sample Request Letters & Forms

You can freely download KNMC sample request letters and forms from the link below. However, if you wish to speed up the process ๐Ÿ˜Ž our Bangalore service consultant will help you to submit your documents as your authorised person.๐Ÿค— 

KNC Sample request letter for Good standing certificate  (Word)

KNC Sample request letter for Good standing certificate  (PDF)

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