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NMC CBT Exam 2024 Updates, Changes, Structure, Result & More

Hi everyone, As you know, NMC UK has announced some changes to its current test of competence and structure. Through this blog, we intend to update you on the changes in the new NMC Test of Competence.

I have included the following points for you in this blog. You can click the highlighted link to skip over and read through your relevant point.

  1. New NMC CBT structure, Time, Pass mark, and Fees.
  2. Changes to the CBT booking process.
  3. Contents of the new two-part CBT Exams.
  4. Format and provision of CBT results.

The new NMC Test of Competence starts on August 2nd, 2021. Candidates are not eligible to book for the old version of CBT anymore. This is in effect from July 19th, 2021. NMC UK had planned to start with the new Test of Competence in the summer of 2020. However, due to the current pandemic situation, the plans were changed.

New NMC CBT Exam Structure and Fees


As mentioned in the beginning, the new test of competence begins on 2nd August 2021. The NMC UK has structured the new CBT into Part A and Part B. Part A includes Numeracy questions, generally called medication calculation questions, and Part B includes Clinical questions for nursing or midwifery.

Duration of exam: 

As part of the new NMC CBT exam, candidates will get a total of 3 hours to complete  Part A and Part B . Part A  has 15 marks for Numeracy questions, usually known as medication calculation questions, and candidates have 30 minutes to complete this part.  Part B includes 100 multiple-choice questions with four options and to choose a single answer. Candidates will get 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete these Clinically based questions of Part B.

Pass mark:

Each adult nursing candidate must achieve an overall passing score of 68% to pass the new NMC CBT  two-part exam. Besides, NMC CBT has 20 critical questions focused on patient and public safety in part B. Moreover, each candidate should score 90% in this section to pass part B of NMC CBT.

Part A numeracy, generally known as medication calculation, has 15 questions, and each candidate should score 90%. So you need 14 correct answers out of 15 to pass part A numeracy.  In conclusion, out of 115 questions to answer, you must score 90% from 35 questions to pass the new NMC CBT.


For those candidates appearing for both parts of the new CBT exam, the fees will be £83. Besides, it remains the same if a candidate has to resit for both parts. However, if a candidate is resitting only for Part A, the fees will be £50, and for Part B, it will be £70.

Changes to the CBT booking process

Candidates are open to booking for the new two-part NMC  CBT exam from 19th July 2021 on Pearson VUE’s booking platform and can appear for the exam from 2nd August 2021. New applicants will receive a reminder email to log into their Pearson VUE platform to book for the CBT exam.

Contents of  the New two-part CBT Exams

In Numeracy, Part A, generally called medication calculations, candidates will get a set of fifteen to apply and analyse the level of questions to answer. Candidates can expect two questions about measuring the correct dose,  two on metric units, four on oral medications, three on injections, three on intravenous infusions and one question on fluid balance.

Content of Part A: Numeracy, generally called medication calculations.

SubjectsApply and analyseNumber of questions
Measuring the correct dose2 2
Metric units2 2
Oral medications4 4
Injections3 3
Intravenous infusions3 3
Fluid balance1 1
Total15 15

Contents of Part B: Clinical and Skills Coverage

In Part B, Clinical, candidates will get a total of 100 theory questions to answer outlined under seven platforms in NMC UK  standards of proficiency for registered nurses. Candidates theoretical knowledge and clinical conduct against any given circumstance are assessed under seven platforms.

These seven platforms are 1. Being an accountable professional. 2. Promoting health and preventing ill health. 3. Assessing needs and planning care. 4. Providing and evaluating care. 5. Leading and managing nursing care and working in teams 6. Improving safety and quality of care 7. Coordinating care.

Annex A assesses communication and relationship management skills, and Annex B evaluates nursing procedures and skills against each platform. 

Subjects Remember and understandApply and analyseEvaluate and createNumber of Questions
Platform 4: Providing and Evaluating Care66517
Platform 2: Promoting health and preventing ill health43310
Platform 3: Assessing needs and planning care55414
Platform 4: Providing and evaluating care55515
Platform 5: Leading and managing nursing care and working in teams43310
Platform 6: Improving safety and quality of care43310
Platform 7: Coordinating care43310
Annex A3227
Annex B3227

Format and Provision of CBT Result

Each candidate will be notified of their CBT results within 15 working days from the date of the test taken. Results will be given on Part A and Part B individually as either Pass or Fail. Candidates must pass both Part A and Part B of the NMC CBT to be accepted onto the NMC register for the nurses. Furthermore, candidates have to take both parts of the CBT in a single sitting. However, if a candidate fails, they must resit only for the part they failed, either A or B.

For you to explore the new version of the UK NMC CBT Exam and to practice or prepare for the exam, you could visit our sample NMC CBT course online.

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