Write for HRstride.COM:

We love to feature guest writers. The guest posting opportunity is provided free of charge. If you’d like to become one, just follow these guidelines:

How long should my post be?

The story’s size should be within 1500-3600 words.

How to Include Do-Follow Links in Your Articles?

In your article, you can include up to three links to your website. Two of these links can be placed within the body of the text, while the third link can be added to the author’s social media bio, preferably on LinkedIn. It is important to highlight these links within the text so that they are not accidentally removed. Additionally, all of these links will most probably be do-follow.

What should I write about?

All HRstride.COM posts should relate to HRstride.COM’s mission of empowering Nurses around the world and should not be self-promotional. 

HRstride.COM publishes posts about Nurses career growth, Overseas Nursing Opportunities, Resume, Finance, Health, Work-life balance, Personal development, healthcare technology, current and emerging health threats, and preventive care – in short, all the things that make a difference in the day-to-day lives of Nurses. 

You can write about:

  • Current events. Share your perspective when breaking news involves the nurse workforce or a global health issue you care about.
  • Findings. Struck by a new finding, article, statistic, infographic, video, or report? Comment on it and put it into context for others.
  • An interview. Talk to an expert, a leader, or an interesting member of the nursing workforce.
  • Express an opinion. What do you think? And why?
  • Send us your ideas. We’re always happy to discuss new topics and blog opportunities.

How do I write an effective blog post?

  • Choose a topic you care about.
  • Express a clear opinion.
  • Write in your own voice, using plain language and a conversational tone.
  • Avoid jargon, passive voice, and ambiguous language.
  • Keep paragraphs short. Use subheadings to make your text easier to scan.
  • Avoid footnotes and endnotes. Instead, link to relevant web pages, especially those that include data or information that you cite.
  • Use bulleted or numbered lists when appropriate.
  • Avoid acronyms except when necessary.

How do I submit my post?

Share your editable Google Docs article to [email protected] and fill out the form below for a fast response. You can email the author’s photo and a brief bio to [email protected]

HRstride.COM reserves the right to reject posts and to edit headlines and text for length, clarity, and adherence to the Chicago Manual of Style. By submitting a post for publication, you assert that you have the necessary clearances and copyright permissions to submit the content for publication. HRstride.COM staff interested in blogging for HRstride.COM should contact the Communications & Advocacy Department. 

Cross-posting policy:

We are happy to consider cross-posts and posts from guest authors on the HRstride.COM role health workers play in improving global health. 

We also encourage cross-posting of all original HRstride.COM content with the appropriate attribution: “This post originally appeared on HRstride.COM, the blog of HRstride.COM  “, and a link to the original post. Please ask explicit permission before cross-posting any HRstride.COM graphics or photography. After cross-posting content, please share the new link with us.

Photo-sharing policy

Photographs taken by HRstride.COM commissioned contractors are for HRstride.COM’s exclusive use unless otherwise approved and are not made available on external sites for use under a Creative Commons license. Any use of HRstride.COM’s photography by external individuals or organizations must be approved in advance by the HRstride.COM Communications Team.

Any HRstride.COM photography approved for external use must be properly credited to HRstride.COM   and include credits that name the photographer, HRstride.COM, as the source, and the copyright holder if other than HRstride.COM.